About Us



SELECTION POINT is MUKERIAN’s most loved toy store. Our store aren’t merely retailers, each is a fantasy wonderland which is home to princes and princesses, noble knights and beautiful maidens, fashion dolls and toy soldiers, fairies and gnomes, adventure-seeking explorers and humble heroes.

Our store is unique but they were all conjured up by the same dreamer, Girls and boys of all ages can spend hours strolling down Lego lane, peeking into Barbie House, visiting Princess Place, browsing Soldier Street or simply just getting lost in our fantasyland.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to customers and our unwavering commitment to service, and together with our unparalleled selection of toys and unique in-store experiences, it’s not hard to see why we’re Mukerian’s most loved toy store.

You never stop loving toys, the toys you love just change.